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Lab NoName of  the LaboratoryName of the Important EquipmentTechnical Manpower
Name of the technical staffDesignationQualification
PEN1.Morse Test on Multicylinder Diesel/Petrol engineMr.Bajarang ChoudhariLab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Odd Sem)2.Window Air Conditioner Test Rig,
3.Vapour Compression Trainer,
4.Model of Petrol/Diesel  Engine,
Lab No-15.Water Cooler,
6.Two stage Reciprocating air  compressor Test Rig,
7. Cut section Model of Two-stroke scooter engine,
8.4 stroke S.I.engine model,
9.4 stroke C.I.engine model,
10.Common rail diesel injection system-non working,
11.Turbojet engine model,
12.Multipoint fuel injection system mounted on board-non working, 13.Simplecarburetor,
14.Nozzle/Diesel injector,
15. Injection pump,
16.Solex carburetor,
17.Cut section Model of 4 plunger inline type fuel pump,
18. Cut section model of diesel fuel injector.
TEN* Thermal conductivity of metallic rod apparatus,Mr.Bajarang ChoudhariLab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Even Sem)* Verification of Stefan Boltzmann law apparatus ,
* Models of –
a. Babcock & Wilcox boiler
b.Cochran boiler model
c.Lamont boiler
d.Loefler boiler
e.Spring loaded safety valve
Lab No-2MQC1.Vernier Calipers,Mr. P. P. GavadeLab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Odd Sem)2.Micrometers,
3. Dial indicator
4.Screw thread 5.Micrometer,
6.Optical  projector with DRO,
7.Floating carriage micrometer kit
MAC1.Capacitive Transducer 2.Load Cell,Mr. V. J.Lab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Odd Sem)3.StroboscopePatil
4. Strain measurement module
5.Thermocouplecalibration Test Rig
6. Flow measurement by Rota meter, 7.Displacement Measurement by L.V.D.T.
8.Contact type Digital tachometer
9.Glass Thermometer, 10.Speed measurement with system,
11.McLeodGauge Apparatus with vacuum pump
Lab No-3
Lab No-4IFP1.Oil Hydraulic Trainer, 2.Cut section model, 3.Pneumatic Test KitMr.S.A.Lab AssistantB.E.
(Even Sem)PatilMechanical
AEN1.Single plate coil spring clutch,Mr.V.J.Lab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Odd Sem)2.Diaphragm spring type clutchPatil
Lab No 53.Synchromesh gear box
4.Rack & Pinion type steering,
5.Differential gear box,
6.Hydraulic drum brake,
7.Mechanical drum brake,
8.Disc brake,
9.Cut section of Four  stroke Diesel engine, 10.Four wheeler vehicle chassis,
11.Synchromesh Gear box,
12.Single plate Type clutch Assembly, 13.Diaphragm type clutch assembly,
14.Multi plate clutch Assembly,
15.Constant Mesh Gear box of Scooter,
16.Double Wish Bone Front Suspension system-one wheel,
17. Steering gear system-Reticulating Ball,
18.screw & Nut type
RES1.Solar Water HeaterMr.V.J.Lab AssistantDiploma In Mechanical Engg.
(Even Sem)Patil
Lab No 6CAD1.Computers,Mr.S.A.Lab AssistantB.E.
(Odd Sem)2. Projector ,PatilMechanical
3.Plotter of A3,
4.UPS, Autocad software
SMO1.Computers,Mr.S.A.Lab AssistantB.E.
(Even Sem)2. Projector ,PatilMechanical
3.Plotter of A3,
5.Solid works software
Lab No 7TOM1.Fly Wheel Governor, 2.Quick Return mechanism of shaper machine ,Mr. L. S. KhotLab AssistantBE in Mechanical Engg.
(Even Sem)3.Scotch yoke mechanism,
4.Bi-cycle free wheel mechanism Multiplate clutch(Static) Ackerman’s steering gear ,
5.Cam and follower , 6.Oldhams coupling  , 7.Elliptical Trammel , 8.Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism , 9.Rotary I.C. Engine Mechanism ,
10.Cylindrical Cam & Follower
11.Band Brake System , 12.Model of Multiplate 13.Clutch (Actuation), 14.Model of Cone Clutch (Operative Type), 15.Foot Operated Air Pump, Coupled Wheel of Locomotive,
16.Beam Engine Mechanism,
17.Geneva Mechanism, 18Pantograph Model, 19.Pendulum Pump